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Balco-Global is a manufacturing company producing products for behavioural health environments with a simple mission in mind: creating safer spaces. 


In these challenging environments there are issues such as ligature risk, weapons risk, arson and self-harm.

It is our goal to innovate, develop and manufacture products that reduce or help manage these risks, protecting both staff and service users through their vulnerable times whilst being as conventional as possible. We want to help create spaces that are less institutional, helping to create more therapeutic, homely and healing environments.

Whilst innovation is our passion, we are also passionate about testing! All our products are tried and tested prior to launch. As a company offering these products on a global scale via our growing network of distributors, we ensure the products meet the specific requirements and regulations for each country and are tested accordingly.

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Balco Global Ltd innovate, develop and manufacture products with a simple mission - aiding recovery through safer spaces.



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