Tackling a common problem with hardware fixtures in mental health environments, Balco Global Ltd have developed a backing plate for a whole range of dispensers. Upon an attempt of ligature, our SAFEMOUNT stays firmly secured to the wall where the dispenser releases if an abnormal load is applied. A backing plate that doesn’t come away from the wall, reduces the weapons risk often found with these types of products.

This is a system designed with ease and safety in mind for staff and service users, reducing risk management.

The SAFEMOUNT has been designed to attach to a variety of free issue dispensers already supplied within your wards, from soap to hand sanitiser to toilet paper and hand towels. Simply send us your dispensers and we will attach the component needed to work with the backing plate and then send the completed order back to you.


Feature Description
Lightweight PVC The material is lightweight, high performance dirt resistant and easy to clean
Concealed magnets SAFEMOUNT has concealed magnets on the reverse. As these are secured to the wall, it makes it difficult for the magnets to be removed
Sizing Customisable
Product Guarantee 2 years


Balco Global Ltd innovate, develop and manufacture products with a simple mission - aiding recovery through safer spaces.



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