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The NEW toilet tissue dispenser for behavioural health environments, combatting a major problem in service user bathrooms. The all new SOFTDISPENSER™ has been carefully engineered to minimise such risks as ligature, arson, weapons and self-harm.

'Helping the behavioural health sector manage risk through innovation'

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View our innovative range of Ligature Lite products developed to safeguard service users & helping staff with risk management.


Who are we?


Balco-Global is a manufacturing company producing products for behavioural health environments with a simple mission in mind: aiding recovery through safer spaces.

In these challenging environments there are issues such as ligature risk, weapons risk, arson and self-harm.

It is our goal to innovate, develop and manufacture products that reduce and help manage these risks, protecting both staff and service users through their vulnerable times whilst being as conventional as possible. We want to help create spaces that are less institutional, helping to create more therapeutic, homely and healing environments.


What Clients Say

We loved the fact you could use an image on the door, it helped brighten up the room. We started installing them in our higher secure wards, however have started rolling them out across the whole site as they seem to suit all environments. I would highly recommend them for any environment, they are durable but with a soft touch

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Director of Support Services

We only get feedback if it is negative and so far, I haven’t heard anything negative about this product

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Area Estates Manager

Very happy with the product and will specify it on all projects going forward. Improved from a fire retardancy and IOT perspective from a previous product we had used

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Estates Project Manager

In mental healthcare one of the biggest areas of risks within patient bedrooms is the bathroom door and it's hinges. It was great when we discovered softdoor, it reduced ligature risks in this area to a minimum, whilst till being able to maintain privacy and dignity. We liked the ease at which they could be installed, the simplicity of design.

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Director of Support Services

We introduced the SoftBoxes to our newly refurbished anti-ligature wardrobes and they have provided a solution to allow the Service User to safely keep items tidy in their rooms as well as adding colour and being an interesting feature.

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Capital Projects Manager

You have done a very good job of making the best breakaway ensuite door we have tested so far.

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Health & Safety Lead

Case Studies

Our Projects

Public Sector

Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.136 Suite Highbury Hospital

Private Sector

Cygnet Lodge, Woking

Public Sector

North Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust. 136 Suite

Public Sector

Ellern Mede, Derby

Public Sector

Stansfield Place, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust