Fun Fact: Agama Lizards shed their tails as a survival mechanism, their tail regenerate over time.Like this creature, this product has a breakaway safety feature that can be reattached in much the same way as the lizard’s tail.
Water Repellent
Fun Fact: The Gecko is the only known creature with hydrophobic skin.Like the Gecko, this product is water repellent and suitable for areas of above average moisture
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Tackling a common problem with hardware fixtures in mental health environments, Balco Global Ltd have developed a SAFEMOUNT™ plate for a whole range of dispensers.

Upon an attempt of ligature, our SAFEMOUNT™ stays firmly secured to the wall where the dispenser releases if an abnormal load is applied. A backing plate that doesn’t come away from the wall, reduces the weapons risk often found with these types of products.

This is a system designed with ease and safety in mind for staff and service users, reducing risk management.

The SAFEMOUNT™ has been designed to attach to a variety of dispensers already supplied within your wards, including soap, hand sanitiser, toilet paper and hand towels. Most dispensers can be adapted to ensure reduced ligature risk. Simply send us your dispensers and we will attach the component needed to work with the backing plate and then send the completed order back to you. Alternatively, these can be supplied as a pack to be fitted by your estates maintenance team or preferred contractor.

  • Concealed magnets that are secured to the wall
  • Breakaway at approximately 7kg
  • High performance dirt resistant and easy to clean
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Common Questions

What’s the lead time?
Standard lead time is 2-3 days subject to stock levels. This is confirmed at time of order. Bespoke plates have a lead time of approximately 4 weeks depending on quantity.
How do you clean the SAFEMOUNT™ plate?
Great for infection control, the product is made from shock resistant ABS plastic which is easy to clean using most cleaning fluids.
What is the product warranty?
We provide a warranty on our products for a period of 24 months from delivery, the products shall be free from material defects in design, material & workmanship. However, this warranty does not apply to any defect in the product arising from circumstances described in clause 10.2 of the Balco Terms & Conditions.
How does the dispenser attach to the plate?
The dispenser has an oval counterpart that is fitted on to the back on the dispenser. We can fit the counterpart onto the back of the dispensers for you, or you can do these yourself and we can provide fitting instructions. The counterpart then attaches to the plate via magnets which are concealed on the back of the plate and is securely fixed to the wall.
How does the SAFEMOUNT™ plate attach to the wall?
The plates themselves are very easy to attach to the walls. The magnets are already fitted to the plates and full fitting instructions will be provided. If you do not wish to fit these yourself, installation services can be provided by one of our distributors if you would like this option.
What happens if the dispenser gets lost or broken?
If a dispenser gets lost or broken, these can be replaced easily, let us know the style and the units required and we can quote this for you.
What happens if the dispenser I have doesn’t fit on your standard plate sizes?
Let us know which dispenser you would like, and we can make a bespoke size plate so it fits.


Main Specifications

Construction: Moulded

Composition: Plastic/Metal

Dimensions: Height:

SMS135248 - W135mm x H248mm, SMS178323 - W178mm x H323mm, SMS300440 - W300mm x H440mm, SMS340300 - W340mm x 300mm.

Weight: : n/a

Fire retardancy: : n/a

Breakaway weight: Approx. 7kg

Colour: White

Warranty: 2 years * subject to normal usage

Life expectancy: 10+ years *subject to normal usage

Cleaning: Most cleaning solutions.

Trial sample: Available

Leadtime: 2-3 days ** subject to volume and capacity

  • The backing plate has concealed magnets on the reverse. As these are secured to the wall, it makes it difficult for the magnets to be removed.
  • The dispenser detaches from the backing plate at a load of approximately 7kgs .
  • Backing plate height/width: Customisable and bespoke options available.
  • Fits to your current/existing dispenser range. Simply send your dispenser to us and we will attach the components needed to work with the backing plate.
  • Favourable recommendation from CQC
  • Product guarantee for 2 years.


Main Features

  • Safe and conventional
  • Hygienic and easy to clean
  • Low maintenance
  • Helps risk management
  • Easy to install
  • Minimal weapons risk
  • Minimal ligature risk

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Explore our innovative range of Ligature Lite products developed to safeguard service users & helping staff with risk management.


More Information

More Information
Construction Moulded
Composition Plastic/Metal